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Here's What You Get...


Private - one on one - confidential mentoring with Quentin Pain


Access to the best tools to build amazing web sites and memberships


Coaching on how to write better sales copy to increase business


Access to amazing tools including quizzes and viral competitions

Here's What My Clients Say...

 Sophia Wu - YHIM.co.uk 

Fashion Designer - London

I have just started working with Quentin and have learned so much. He just helped me complete an important deal. I feel very grateful. He has delivered more than I expected so I strongly recommend him. He will help you make things happen.

 Jane Morley - Superglue Ltd 

 Event Management - London 

My company is called Superglue, and we are the premier events production company in London. We had reached a plateau and one person kept coming up on our radar. His name was Quentin Pain. We hired him and tripled the value of the company.

Your Number One Club Mentor

"Hi, I'm Quentin Pain. I've started 6 different businesses over 40 years. I hit the jackpot in my first and could have retired at 27. But that's boring, so I did it again and grew my last company from zero to 36,000 customers. With the right approach anyone can succeed. That's why I started The Number One Club."

Here's My Story...

I was a 22 year old wanna-be rock star travelling regularly from Cambridge to London. All I had was a motorcycle to get me there.

First, Start a Business...

On my travels I noticed these guys delivering packages on motorbikes. They were obviously making money, and that's something I hadn't managed to do so far playing in bands. So I quit and started a motorcycle courier business instead.

Three years later I had 18 riders and two offices. I had no knowledge of business let alone marketing. I just told people what we did, gave them a price list and they started ordering. I thought business was a piece of cake (it wasn't - but I wouldn't find that out till later).

No Business Plan - No Problem!

This was a business without a business plan or any of the other things we're told we need. Yet it went from zero to over £250,000 within a few years.

Why was it so successful?

I didn't know it at the time, but I was following a tried and tested strategy. It's name was "Cheaper, Faster, Better". It worked perfectly.

Back then, there were 750,000 businesses in the UK. Today there are 5.4 million. So having a strategy is more important than ever.

How do you create a strategy?

  • 1 - Find a Demand - Identify an audience willing to buy your products
  • 2 - Set a Goal -  Something that's achievable - but ideally the bigger the better
  • 3 - Apply a Strategy - Find the best strategy to match the way you work

1. Finding a demand is not hard. It costs very little providing you're willing to put in the work (if you've already got a demand, then you're good to go for this step).

2. The best goals can be summed up in a few words. For Number One Club members the goal is to Become Number One in your Market (because it's the only way to guarantee success).

3. Once you've found a demand and set a goal, you're ready for part 3 - figure out a strategy.

A strategy is not a tactic. It's a way of doing things using tactics. We only look for tactics that are aligned with our strategy. When we do that, we make faster decisions and waste very little time and money.

The best strategies can be described in a few words. For my courier company it was Faster, Better, Cheaper. For you it might be Divide and Conquer or even Amazon's amazing Day One strategy.

A strategy is something that stays in your head all the time. It never varies. Everything else you dream up is tested against your strategy. If it fits, you use it. If it doesn't, you don't.

But Can I Really Do This?

Absolutely. Together we will choose a strategy that fits the way you work. One that you're happy with - just like I've done with my other businesses (one of those was Accountz.com, which I grew  from zero to 36,000 paying clients).

The program I set up to do this is called The Number One Club. It combines a unique online course together with personal coaching, mentoring, technology tools and support.

What does The Number One Club do?

Everyone in The Number One Club is focused on a single mission: we commit to becoming Number One in our market. We do this by serving our customers better than any of our competitors. We work on this together until we achieve the success we want.

(NOTE: if you don't care about your customers, you won't be a good fit for The Number One Club)

When we focus on our customers, we force our competitors to try to keep pace with us. But since we're always two steps ahead, they never can, and your lead extends further (companies that focus on their customers more than anyone else win - Amazon and Apple are prime examples).

Can You Become Number One In Your Own Market?

YES you can. The Number One Club helps you focus more deeply than you have ever done before. Single minded focus and action is the only way to become the best. But if you're not focusing this way, you will eventually lose out to someone who is.

We cut out the 'busy' work that holds us back and focus on the work that counts. The work that will get you to the top position in your market.

It takes dedication, but it's not hard once you understand some basic principles, and it's those we start with.

With The Right Support You Can Achieve Anything

The problem with most courses is the lack of support. This is why mentoring and coaching is so important. It's now mandatory in professional sport - if you don't have a coach you slip down the rankings.

It's the same in business, but right now, the gap between those who are mentored and those who are not is massive. There is a real opportunity to make a difference to your business. And when you become a member of The Number One Club you're getting that difference.

 Josephine Cropper 

JMC Psychotherapy

Quentin knows so much about so many subjects, whether we are talking about marketing or help with writing. I highly recommend him, He's also fun to work with.

Why Quentin Pain?

In 2015 I helped 15 UK businesses grow. Three of them you've already met from the testimonials above. Two more had case studies done by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

As a result, I was voted in the Top 10 of UK Business Advisers by Enterprise Nation and I won the IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year Award.

It's more than mentoring and coaching. I've written commercial software and won awards over many decades. I know and recommend Wordpress and as a client you'll get access to an amazing range of online tools including site building tools, online quizzes, membership site technology, and sales funnels.

If you're a budding author (or just fancy getting a book published to improve your status) I'll show you how to do it from scratch and get it on Amazon to sell worldwide.

Professional Expert Support Is Priceless

If anything was easy, we could all just read a book and do it. But it isn't. There's a huge difference between "being in business" and "succeeding in business". The Number One Club is all  about success.

Within one month of working with Quentin, I was so impressed with what I'd learnt in a short amount of time, that I had another colleague sign up as well.

Lisa Lee - Bobabox.co.uk

The Number One Club

In The Number One Club you don't just get me, you also get The Number One Club course and framework. This will guide you along step by step on the foundational work necessary to keep you on the path. Let's take a look at that:

A Peek Inside The Number One Club Members Area

  • 1 Productivity
  • 2 philosophy
  • 3 Audience
  • 4 Positioning
  • 5 attraction
  • 6 bonus

Module 1 - Productivity

Unless I can motivate you to produce the stuff you're really capable of doing in the right way so it starts to attract attention, you may as well give up now and accept mediocrity. Because that is what most people do.

So I have a simple set of procedures that if you stick to (and they're really really easy to do) then you will be starting in the right place.

Your future is about ideas and innovation, and if you've ever been stuck for ideas in business, this will really blow your mind. You will never be stuck again. I guarantee it. It's why we must start with productivity.

Mentoring and Coaching

As a member of The Number One Club you get direct access to me and my resources including website, membership and funnel building tools, technology and know how.

If you get stuck, I'll help you think it through. If you need motivation or inspiration, you'll get that too.

I'll also act as your accountability buddy if you need to get things done fast or you find yourself procrastinating.

 Laura Howard 


I've known Quentin for over 6 years and he is a model of excellence and knowledge when it comes to business. I highly recommend him.

 Shahrum Nedjati-Gilani 


I have been working with Quentin over the last year to further develop and generate growth for my business. Quentin has gone above and beyond in every regard, and is a pleasure to work with. I would wholeheartedly recommend Quentin to anyone who is looking to push their business to the next level, and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

 Keshav Bhatt 


There is a big, vast difference between what makes a good coach/mentor and what makes an absolutely phenomenal coach/mentor. Quentin is most definitely one of the great coaches I've been fortunate enough to work with.

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"When we're on our own it can be tough. Ask any successful CEO. Those who are close to us don't always want to know what we're doing, and so it can become hard to find someone who we can freely talk with who is open minded and non-judgemental. This is what makes a great mentor, coach and confidante." - Quentin Pain FCIM

 Lisa Lee 


Quentin really gets you to explore your business potential and exactly who you're targeting, whilst gently questioning you and opening your mind up. You're given a wealth of information and knowledge but when the penny drops and it all comes together, everything will make sense and you're left with a completely different perception of how to manage your business. I walked in without any expectations or goals and already I have a clear cut vision for the next 18 months to drive me.